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Boiler Replacement at Very Large Residential Complex

The Problem: • 60+-year-old obsolete / inefficient low-pressure 1904 era boilers needed to be replaced • Over 4000 residence depend on this system for hot water and heating.. • Some of the strictest Air Quality Control Requirements in the country. • Finding the right Boiler/burner selection providing a good ROI. • Tight installation schedule • Fit through existing structure openings The Answer: • Selecting the best boiler/burner equipment to replace them was critical to meeting energy efficiency ROI goals as well as meeting significant emissions reductions . • Working closely with Local Utilities and Manufacturers to find the right combination

May 19, 2017

Parker Steam Boiler System

Parker Steam Boiler Canopy & Fencing

Our crew installed a new Parker Steam boiler and related equipment at a textile printing plant in Los Angeles. We then protected the new equipment by covering the boiler pad with a canopy.

July 9, 2014